Cosmetic Botox 101

Have you ever wondered what Botox is, how it can help, its side effects, or how long it lasts? This blog will tell you about Botox for dentistry and why we do it for our patients.

Botox is an injected substance best known for how it can treat wrinkles, lines, and furrows on the face. Doctors inject a few shots of the botulinum toxin into facial muscles to reduce muscle contractions and prevent wrinkles from forming. However, this isn't the only use for this formula. Let's explore what cosmetic Botox is in dentistry.

Understanding Cosmetic Botox in Dentistry

Botox is largely used these days for cosmetic reasons, including relaxing wrinkles that form around the eyes and brows, like crow's feet, for example. However, there are many other uses for this formula, including to stop muscle spasms, excess sweating, and certain cosmetic concerns about the lips or mouth.

Dentists like the ones at UNO DENTAL are trained to inject Botox for conditions such as wrinkles on the face as well as for specific smile-related issues such as a gummy smile or to increase the apparent size of the lips. These procedures last several months and can complement the many other cosmetic procedures we offer for a bright, natural-looking smile.

Benefits of Cosmetic Botox

Treats High Lip Lines

High lip lines are caused by muscle activity that makes the upper lip turn down in a frown with a person's natural smile muscles. Treating high lines with Botox can be more cost-effective than more invasive, permanent, or dramatic dental procedures like veneers or surgery. Botox is also a safe alternative to treat this problem because there is virtually no recovery time for the patient, and it does not require anesthesia.

Treating TMJ

The temporomandibular joint (TMJ) can sometimes lock up, be tense, and cause pain that results in TMJ disorder (or TMD). This causes pain that occurs in the upper jaw. Dentists may choose to treat the condition with Botox injections. The toxin can relax muscles, reducing pain, and the patient can resume normal activities almost immediately. It doesn't take more than 30 minutes of treatment and can be a cost-effective alternative to surgical procedures.

Treating Bruxism

Bruxism is the name of a condition where a patient grinds their teeth while they sleep or when they're not aware when they're awake. Many dentists use Botox to treat patients who suffer from bruxism. It is supposed to help your jaw relax and stop grinding without causing side effects like other treatments. The treatment also doesn't require anesthesia and only takes around 45 minutes out of your day.

Reduces Discomfort Caused by New Dentures

Cosmetic Botox can ease the discomfort caused by new dentures. This is because the new muscle movements your jaw might make with wearing dentures cause new pains and discomfort to patients. Dentists may use Botox to help prevent that uncomfortable situation from happening again and often recommend it to patients who have had some type of dental procedure. The treatment takes about an hour out of your day and is a safe alternative to other options like surgery.

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