Dental Insurance & Financing at UNO DENTAL

At UNO DENTAL, we’re here to help you through the entire process of receiving dental care, financing included. Whatever your insurance coverage or status, we can make sure your dental care is customized, affordable, and comfortable.

How Does Dental Insurance Work?

Almost all dental plans are a contract between your employer and an insurance company. Your employer and the insurer agree on the amount your plan pays and what procedures are covered. Often, our patients may have a dental care need that is not covered by their dental insurance plan. Employers generally choose to cover some, but not all, of employees’ dental costs. If you are not satisfied with the coverage provided by your insurance, let your employer know.

Our Role in Your Dental Insurance Coverage

At UNO DENTAL, we’re here to help you maintain a healthy, functional smile. In order to make sure we can provide quality care to every patient, we are out-of-network for all insurance providers. This means is if you have a PPO plan, you have the freedom to choose your provider.

Because dental insurance can be very difficult to understand, our billing team is here to help you file your insurance claim as a courtesy service. Sometimes, specific procedures are not covered by your plan, or are only partially covered. For each patient and treatment, our team is here to provide a clear cost breakdown so you'll always know what to expect.

At UNO DENTAL, we are out of network with dental plans solely because believe treatment decisions must be made by you and your dentist. Our experienced dental team takes time to provide you with the best recommendations based on your health, goals, and budgetary needs.

Our Financial Policy for All Dental Insurance Plans

Our team will collect payment in full at the time of service. Then, your insurance claim will be submitted on your behalf as a courtesy. You can generally expect a reimbursement check to arrive in the mail within 30-45 days depending on your insurance provider processing times. Please note that we have no control over how fast claims are processed for reimbursements.

Payment and Financing Options 

banner outside UNO DENTAL San FranciscoOur San Francisco dental office also works with third-party financiers CareCredit and >Lending Club to help patients cover the costs of their care with low-interest and no-interest payment plans. Third-party financing typically provides benefits like an easy application process, quick access to fund, and the ability to finance both necessary and elective treatments.

Make Your Dental Health a Top Priority

We always encourage our patients to prioritize their best oral health when making their final treatment decisions. The team at UNO DENTAL is here to help you take the best possible care of your smile, so it can last a lifetime!

If you have questions about your dental insurance or the best ways to finance the costs of your dental care, our friendly team is happy to help. Call today!

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