Crown, Inlays/Onlay, and Bridge

Taking Care of Your Temporary Restoration

At some point during your restoration process, you’ll likely receive a temporary restoration. This is a temporary version of your final restoration that will keep your teeth healthy and protected while your final restoration is fabricated, so it’s important to make sure it remains in place.

Avoid eating sticky and hard foods (including gum) while your temporary is in place. Try to avoid chewing with it and be careful when flossing so you don’t pull the temporary out. If it does come out, make sure to contact us right away to have it re-cemented.

Managing Sensitivity and Numbness

You may have some sensitivity to hot, cold, and pressure after your appointment. This will subside over time. It’s also normal to have some discomfort, and this can be managed with over-the-counter painkillers like ibuprofen or acetaminophen.

Your mouth, lips, cheeks, and tongue may feel numb after your appointment as well. To avoid accidentally hurting yourself, avoid chewing and eating until the anesthetic wears off.

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