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$59.99 monthly with a one year commitment (just $2 a day!)

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  • Unlimited exams and cleanings
  • Unlimited whitening
  • Unlimited 3D scans
  • 10% discounts on all other services
  • No insurance needed
  • Online booking


  • $545 per cleaning
  • $899 per whitening treatment
  • Outdated, scraping tech
  • Drills, fills & bills
  • Insurance needed
  • Waiting on hold to book

Led by the Best

  • Agihad Kandar, DDS
    University of California San Francisco School of Dentistry

  • Amjad Kandar, DDS
    University of Oklahoma School of Dentistry

“I Trust Them”

"The staff at UNO DENTAL are very friendly and knowledgeable. It is a warm and welcoming environment and I trust them with the care of my dental needs. Highly recommended."

Michelle K.

“Inviting, High-tech Space”

"UNO DENTAL rocks. They are highly skilled as one dentist was already licensed overseas before coming to the states. They care about patients, are highly trained, and the office was recently remodeled to reflect a warm, inviting and high-tech space. UNO is my dentist."

Charles E.

“No Longer Scared of Needles”

"I've been going to UNO DENTAL for about 15 years now. UNO DENTAL’s team is super professional, and the cleanings are first-rate. Over all these years, I only had great experiences with all my "major" events. As a result, I'm not even scared of needles any more."

Renee G.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our in-house membership at Gleambar offers unlimited teeth whitening, 3D scans, exams and cleanings for one monthly fee! Members also receive 10% discounts on all other dental services, for comprehensive savings.
GleamBar offers one simple membership, offering a long list of benefits at just $59.99 monthly with a one-year commitment. That's just $2 a day for unlimited dental cleanings and professional teeth whitening treatments, and much more!
GleamBar offers stunning teeth whitening results, but that's not all! With your GleamBar Membership, you'll also receive unlimited dental exams, cleanings and 3D scans, plus 10% discounts on all other services.
Because many of your membership benefits are unlimited and we offer 10% savings on all dental treatments, you can use your GleamBar membership as often as your smile requires. For teeth whitening, our dentist recommends visiting Gleambar every 2-3 months to maintain optimal results, but you may safely visit us for teeth whitening as often as every month!
At GleamBar, no dental insurance is needed to enjoy the benefits of our in-house membership. Simply sign up and receive a year of savings, at just $59.99/month with a one-year commitment!

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