High-Quality Teeth Whitening
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Offers Expire: February 29th, 2024
  • Our Signature

    $199 | 30 minutes

    The Gleambar signature in-office teeth whitening treatment is designed to reveal teeth up to 6 shades lighter in just 30 minutes! You'll love the ease of our fast, comfortable, dentist-supervised signature teeth whitening treatment.

  • Our Premium

    $299 | 60 minutes

    Gleambar Premium Whitening takes your results a step further, offering an extended whitening treatment for results up to 12 shades brighter! Reveal your brightest smile with a painless, 60-minute, dentist-supervised treatment.

  • Boost Add On:

    $99 | 30 minutes

    Gleambar cosmetic tooth polishing is a safe, dentist-recommended treatment for removing plaque and superficial dental stains. Add a polishing treatment to enhance your teeth whitening results for just $99!

  • Boost Add On:

    $45 | 30 minutes

    Gleambar fluoride is an ultra-safe, protective treatment for your smile. Designed to strengthen the enamel for stronger, healthier teeth, our fluoride is hand-brushed directly to the teeth to slow or stop decay and prevent cavities. Protect your new, white smile with Gleambar fluoride for just $45!

“I Trust Them”

"The staff at UNO DENTAL are very friendly and knowledgeable. It is a warm and welcoming environment and I trust them with the care of my dental needs. Highly recommended."

Michelle K.

“Inviting, High-tech Space”

"UNO DENTAL rocks. They are highly skilled as one dentist was already licensed overseas before coming to the states. They care about patients, are highly trained, and the office was recently remodeled to reflect a warm, inviting and high-tech space. UNO is my dentist."

Charles E.

“No Longer Scared of Needles”

"I've been going to UNO DENTAL for about 15 years now. UNO DENTAL’s team is super professional, and the cleanings are first-rate. Over all these years, I only had great experiences with all my "major" events. As a result, I'm not even scared of needles any more."

Renee G.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Gleambar professional teeth whitening helps you banish deep discoloration caused by lifestyle habits, genetics, and more. Our cutting-edge professional teeth whitening services are performed by Dr. Kandar and designed to provide exceptional whitening results and long-term maintenance!
At GleamBar, whitening your smile up to 6-12 shades brighter takes just 30-60 minutes, depending on your selected treatment! We use top professional teeth whitening systems to make your in-office whitening procedure fast, comfortable, and effective.
At GleamBar, we use a specially formulated gel designed to reduce tooth sensitivity both during and after treatment. Most of our whitening patients experience very low sensitivity or no sensitivtiy at all!
Our dentist recommends visiting Gleambar every 2-3 months to maintain your optimal whitening results, but you may safely visit us for whitening treatments as often as every month!
No action is needed to prepare for your whitening treatment at Gleambar — we have you covered! After your whitening treatment, we recommend not eating for the next two hours. After that, our dentist recommends sticking to non-staining, light colored foods and drinks (and avoiding staining foods like black coffee, dark tea, red wine, etc.) for 24 hours.

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