What to Know About Professional Teeth Whitening

Are you looking to:

  • Impress at an important job interview?
  • Make a great impression at an upcoming party?
  • Feel confident about the appearance of your smile?

If you’re looking for a hassle-free and safe way to whiten your smile, our whitening services at UNO DENTAL may be the solution you're looking for! Our methods of professional teeth whitening are among the most successful services in San Francisco. UNO DENTAL provides a safe, effective, convenient, and cost-saving way to whiten your teeth and give you the flawless smile you were meant to have. Here's what to know about this great smile makeover treatment.

Teeth Whitening is Popular

Teeth whitening’s popularity is steadily increasing, and it is quickly becoming the most popular form of cosmetic dentistry on the market. Teeth whitening is gaining such momentum because there are so many benefits associated with this procedure.

In-Office Whitening is Best

The most preferred method of whitening among patients is in-office whitening. This method of whitening is performed in the office by Dr. Kandar. Most patients prefer in-office teeth whitening because of the speed. In-office teeth whitening is usually finished within one session, and in some cases it can even take less than an hour to complete. Many patients also choose in-office teeth whitening because they have easy access to expert advice regarding the procedure and they are being monitored safely by a professional. As an alternative to in-office teeth whitening, we also provide home teeth whitening. In this case, the patient is given a series of trays, mouth pieces, and teeth whitening gel that they can apply to their teeth whenever they choose, at their own convenience, and in the comfort of their own homes. This method, however, requires multiple applications over several weeks. UNO DENTAL will accommodate your needs and preferences to ensure you are provided with the best teeth whitening possible.

There Are Many Benefits

There are several benefits that come along with teeth whitening. The most prevalent of course is a better looking smile. Professional teeth whitening removes persistent stains and brightens your smile, leaving you with more self-confidence and less embarrassment about your dingy smile. You will no longer feel the need to smile with a closed mouth or shield your teeth when laughing or talking. You can show your smile off with confidence and finally feel proud of the way you look. Plus, getting your teeth whitening performed by a professional at UNO DENTAL is much safer and effective than using an over-the-counter whitening product. With the teeth whitening specials that we offer, we can bring you affordable teeth whitening.

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