How to Avoid Sugar This Halloween

Halloween doesn’t have to be filled with sugar to be sweet! Financial District Dentist Dr. Kandar wants to help you treat your teeth to some spooky and nutritious Halloween fun this year! Here are a few tips to keep in mind.

Bob for Apples

Have you ever bobbed for apples? This classic fall game is a great way to get the whole family in the spirit of the season, without jeopardizing your teeth while you’re enjoying the fun! The vitamins and minerals in every apple are a great treat for your whole body, and the apples are naturally sweet so they really taste like a Halloween treat!

Try Pumpkin Seeds

Another great Halloween treat is roasted pumpkin seeds - especially those you get from carving a pumpkin yourself! Instead of indulging in sticky chocolates or caramels, consider snacking on a few salted pumpkin seeds to curb your Halloween munchies.

Make Your Own Snacks

If you’re tasked with bringing snacks to a Halloween party for your friends and family, you can help everyone participate in Halloween fun while sparing their teeth the dangers lurking in sweets. Try crafting some tangerine jack-o-lanterns, or creepy-crawly olives cut like spiders! You could even make some spooky vampire mouths from apple slices - a snack everyone will surely enjoy!

Moderation is Key

When you do allow yourself to indulge in sugary and not-so-nutritious Halloween treats, remember that most things are okay all in moderation. Follow every sugary snack day with at least 2 minutes of brushing with fluoride toothpaste before bed, and remember that oral hygiene shouldn’t hide away, even in the face of October ghouls and goblins at the end of a Halloween night!

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