The History of Dental Implants

Dental implants are actually not a recent development in oral health. Humans have been looking for ways to restore their teeth for much of history, so here's what to know about some of the ways dental implants have developed.

Ancient History

Evidence suggests that for thousands of years people have been replacing teeth they have lost due to accidents, aging, or underdeveloped oral hygiene habits.

Some archeologists report finding evidence of dental implants carved out of stones and seashells embedded in the jaws of remains dating back to 600 A.D.

George Washington's Teeth

True or False - Former President George Washington had wooden teeth? If you said  ‘false’, you are correct! The myth that George Washington had wooden teeth is not true. Do you know what else is false? His teeth! While George Washington did not have teeth made of wood, he did have to wear fake teeth due to his poor dental hygiene.

Advances in the 1930s and 1950s

A big advancement to the dental implant procedure came in the 1930s when it became common practice to place the dental implant directly into the bone, significantly reducing the risk of infection while also ensuring the body accepted the implant. This was later termed ‘osseointegration’ meaning ‘bone’ (osseo) ‘fusion’ (integration) and is the technique still used today. The introduction of titanium dental implants happened shortly after in the 1950s.

Recent Developments in Technology

In the past 70 years, improvements in image technology and software have led to further advancements in dental implant procedures. Thanks to many years of skilled training and real-world experience, Financial District San Francisco implant dentist Dr. Kandar is an expert in the most advanced dental implant technology available today.

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